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2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Magnetic Materials and Application 

Industry Chain

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Concurrent Exhibitions: PM CHINA 2024, IACE CHINA 2024, AM CHINA 2024,


March 6-8, 2024

 Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center


Magnetic Materials Branch of China Electronic

Materials Industrial Association

Uniris Exhibition Shanghai Co Ltd

MMIC CHINA improves the quality and growth 

rate of the magnetic material industry

Computers, communications, new energy, home appliances, automobiles, medical care, machinery, and military required for modern economic and social development are all based on the magnetic material industry. The per capita usage of magnetic materials has become an important indicator of a country's level of technological development. In recent years, with the transformation and upgrading of China's economy, the market demand for magnetic materials has been continuously released, and China has become the world's largest and most dynamic market.

In response to industry development and market demand, Uniris Exhibition Company and the Magnetic Materials Branch of the China Electronic Materials Industry Association jointly create MMIC CHINA, bringing together outstanding enterprises and industry elites to share world-leading cutting-edge technologies, innovative applications and solutions, and built a high-quality platform for technical exchange and business cooperation for upstream and downstream enterprises and industry users, helping to improve the quality and growth rate of the magnetic material industry.

Five concurrent exhibitions

Promotes the interconnection of multi-industry 



International Exhibition for Powder Metallurgy and Cemented Carbides(PM CHINA), The 16th China International Exhibition for Advanced Ceramics (IACE CHINA), 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Additive Manufacturing Application Technology (AM CHINA), and 2024 Shanghai International Exhibition for Powder Processing and Handling (POWDEX CHINA).

New product displaying, technology exchanging, business matchmaking, academic discussing...... Multiple industry chains are interconnected to stimulate the new vitality of the magnetic material industry and drive the innovative development of the industry and market. MMIC CHINA provides broader cooperation space for exhibitors and bring richer exhibition experience for visitors.

The expected exhibition scale:




global exhibitors


exhibiting brands 


buyers and visitors


academic reports


professional media


Convergence of well-known enterprises, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions


Exhibition range

1、Raw materials of magnetic materials 

Raw materials for the production of all types of permanent and soft ferrite magnets and rare earth permanent magnets and other magnetic materials

2、Magnetic materials

1)Permanent magnetic materialsSintered and bonded ferrite permanent magnets, alnico permanent magnets, sintered and bonded rare-earth permanent magnets (samarium cobalt, neodymium-iron-boron), other composite permanent magnet materials, etc.

2)Soft magnetic materialsmanganese-zinc, nickel-zinc and magnesium-zinc soft magnetic ferrite, silicon steel, ferrosilicon, ferro-aluminium, nickel-iron alloys, metal magnetic powders and cores, amorphous soft magnetic alloys, nano-crystalline and ultra-micro-crystalline soft magnetic alloys, composite soft magnetic materials,etc.

3)Other magnetic materialsmicrowave rotating magnetic materials, giant magnetoresistive materials, piezomagnetic materials, magnetic recording materials, etc.

3、Specialized equipment and instruments for the production of magnetic materialsMixer, vibrating screen, pulverizer, blender, ball mill, all kinds of dry and wet press moulding press, all kinds of sintering furnace, punching machine, slicing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, appearance defects detection equipment, soft magnet and permanent magnet magnetic detector, particle size analyzer, demagnetization machine, all kinds of supporting mould jig and fixture.

4、Magnetic material application products

Permanent magnet components, permanent magnet motors, magnetic separators, magnetic thrust bearings, loudspeakers, microwave devices, magnetic sensors, electromagnet cores, inductors, electronic transformers, audio-video magnetic heads, motor stators and rotors, etc.

Permanent magnet components and permanent magnet motor processing production equipment and instruments, etc.

Inductors, electronic transformers and other soft magnetic devices processing and manufacturing equipment and instruments, etc.

Gathering of industry elites,

sharing technical expertise 

and excellent cases

——2024 Magnetic Material Development and Carbon Peak & Carbon 

Neutrality Forum

In order to promote the high-quality development of core materials, key devices, technology and equipment of magnetic material industry chain under the demand of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the organizers will hold the forum to present an enlightening thinking and wisdom exchange feast for the industry colleagues.


The forum will focus on the product development, manufacturing technology, processing technology, production management, application development of the magnetic materials industry, and invite top experts and scholars as well as enterprise leaders in the field to have in-depth discussion of the industry's future development direction and bottleneck.



Concurrent relevant forums


  • 2024 The 16th Shanghai Powder Metallurgy Industry Forum

  • 2024 The 12th Shanghai Injection Molding Forum

  • 2024 The 5th Shanghai International Summit on Advanced Ceramic Technology and Industry Development

  • 2024 Electric Ceramics and Components Industry Development Forum

  • 2024 The 6th SAMA Additive Manufacturing Conference

  • 2024 Shanghai Powder Processing and Handling Industry Forum

  • 2024 Hard Surface Technology Forum

※ 更多活动信息将陆续公布,敬请持续关注。

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  • China Powder Metallurgy Alliance (CPMA)

  • Jinhua Magnetic Graphene Branch Alliance of G60 Science and Technology Innovation Corridor New Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance

  • Zhejiang Powder Metallurgy Society

  • Dongyang Magnetic Materials Industrial Association

  • Dongguan Magnetic Materials Industrial Association