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Exhibition Range

1.Raw materials for magnetic materials

Raw materials for the production of all types of permanent and soft ferrite magnets and rare earth permanent magnets and other magnetic materials

2.Magnetic materials: 

       (1)   Permanent magnetic materials: Sintered and bonded ferrite permanent magnets, alnico permanent magnets, sintered and bonded rare-earth permanent magnets (samarium cobalt, neodymium-iron-boron), other composite permanent magnet materials, etc.

       (2)  Soft magnetic materials: manganese-zinc, nickel-zinc and magnesium-zinc soft magnetic ferrite, silicon steel, ferrosilicon, ferro-aluminium, nickel-iron alloys, metal magnetic powders and cores, amorphous soft magnetic alloys, nano-crystalline and ultra-micro-crystalline soft magnetic alloys, composite soft magnetic materials, etc.

      (3)  Other magnetic materials: microwave rotating magnetic materials, giant magnetoresistive materials, piezomagnetic materials, magnetic recording materials, etc.

3.Specialized equipment and instruments for the production of magnetic materials

     Mixer, vibrating screen, pulverizer, blender, ball mill, all kinds of dry and wet press moulding press, all kinds of sintering furnace,punching machine, slicing machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, appearance defects detection equipment, soft magnet and permanent magnet magnetic detector, particle size analyzer, demagnetization machine, all kinds of supporting mould jig and fixture

4.Magnetic materials application products

     Permanent magnet components, permanent magnet motors, magnetic separators, magnetic thrust bearings, loudspeakers, microwave devices, magnetic sensors, electromagnet cores, inductors, electronic transformers, audio-video magnetic heads, motor stators and rotors, etc.

     Permanent magnet components and permanent magnet motor processing production equipment and instruments, etc.

     Inductors, electronic transformers and other soft magnetic devices processing and manufacturing equipment and instruments, etc.